IN+ ART: “am AI in pain?” workshop

In our IN+ART INTERATIONS workshop with Space 2, we delved into the intricate web of pain, technology, and the potential influence of AI. Our focus? Unravelling the layers of pain co-construction, assessment, and management in the digital age. The workshop was guided by Dr Alicja Pawluczuk (HYSTERA from the INCLUDE+ Network.

IN+ ART iterations

IN+ ART Iterations, an art program led by the INLCUDE+ Network, ventures into the uncharted territory of digital equity and the implications of INCLUDE+ Principles. Our initiative seeks to co-examine what digital equity means for artists and the communities they engage with. Using community-centered approaches, we want to encourage experimental practice, and to embrace the … Read more

Emerging Technologies

Lead Investigator: Matt Jones The pandemic has opened up the possibility of imagining and building a future that takes different core values and practices as central and works in very different ways. The question of how environments can and should be built, shaped and sustained in ways that enable all people to thrive, needs to … Read more

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