Welcome to INCLUDE+, a network dedicated to exploring and fostering social and digital environments where everyone can thrive. From 2022 to 2027, this five-year program aims to build a robust knowledge community addressing inequalities in digital society.


Our research and community practice spans algorithmic social justice, responsible and inclusive digital innovation, digital civics, and health. We strive to understand how wellbeing, precarity, and civic culture interplay with broader structural inequalities and how these are experienced and navigated by various communities.


Studying how Precarity, Technology, and AI intersect

by Yesim Kakalic and Jamie Hancock INCLUDE+ has been mapping the landscape of research on the intersections between precarity, technology, data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Precarity has become a pressing concern amid the accelerating integration of technology, data, and AI in various domains of society. Debates about the interplay between technology and aspects of everyday … Read more
Sketch of a growing plant, from which a hand extends holding a smartphone.

What would it mean to Thrive?

INCLUDE+ network explores how social and digital environments can be built, shaped and sustained to enable all people to thrive. But what does it mean to ‘thrive’ in this context? Over the past 6 months, we have been exploring the idea of ‘thriving’ through conversations with Prof. Caroline Bassett and Dr. Edgar Gómez Cruz at the Data School, Cambridge University; through our digital equity and inclusion workshops with Thrive by Design, and through related community work with Space 2 in order to think about what we mean by ‘thriving’, what properties thriving has for us, and how — ultimately — we might build for it.
A number of stacked blue, yellow and black squares with circular holes containing, variously, an internet icon, leaf, kneeling figure looking at a laptop. A figure is climbing a ladder to a higher square assisted by a women reaching out from above.

a [Cautiously] Speculative Take On Digitally Equitable Futures.

Is digital equity a utopian idea? A digitally equitable world would be a place where all people can access and use digital technologies to meaningfully participate in society, democracy, and economy. Just imagine: no systemic barriers and anyone (regardless of their gender identity, race, [dis]ability, and/or social-economic status and other intersectional factors) would have the … Read more

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