INCLUDE+ CONNECT Workshop Programme

Precarity: Exploring the intersection with Technology and AI

24th Oct 2023, 12:30-13:30 UK Time

What is ‘precarity’ as it relates to technology and data? Who is affected most? What are the most important issues that require scrutiny?

This workshop will explore all these questions and more. We will examine how precarity and technology interact, who is (and is not) impacted, and how this manifests in people’s everyday experiences. We hope participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the issues at play and the inspiration they need to make change.

Power at PLAY – exploring [digital] civic participation cards set.

25th Oct 2023, 12:30-13:30 UK Time

Discover the future of civic engagement in our innovative workshop where we harness the power of INCLUDE+ [digital] civic participation reflection cards.

Guided by the findings of horizon scanning, this workshop is designed to provide a space to examine our understanding and assumptions underpinning civic participation. The INCLUDE+ cards aim to serve as tools, igniting conversations, and deepening understanding about the evolving landscape of civic engagement.

Thrive by Design facilitators will lead you through interactive sessions that blend future-focused exploration with real-world application. Through group discussions, brainstorming exercises, and scenario simulations, participants will uncover new perspectives on leveraging technology for civic participation. By incorporating the insights from horizon scanning, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to align forward-looking visions with actionable strategies.

Wellbeing and Digital Equity

26th Oct, 12:30-13:30 UK Time

Wellbeing is a priority that needs to be addressed through structural change. Research on the impact of changing working and living conditions point to the dual impact of isolation and automation, particularly on younger (including children) and older demographics, and impacting wellbeing, social cohesion and civic engagement.

In this workshop, INCLUDE+ Investigators Matt Jones and Roger Maull will lead a discussion exploring individual and community lived approaches to wellbeing, before asking how we can engage communities and organisations in identifying solutions such as structural or process changes, that centre and promote wellbeing as the driving force for change.