Al Mathers

Role: Advisory Board Member

Organisation: The Young Foundation

Position: Director of Research

Al is Director of Research at The Young Foundation. Prior to this she was Director of Research and Learning at The RSA and Head of Research at Good Things Foundation. Before moving to the charity sector, Al worked in academia, where her work focused on research partnerships with underrepresented groups, including people with learning disabilities and school age children, redesigning participatory approaches to landscape architecture and urban design. She brings over 15 years experience leading research teams, taking a strategic approach to participatory practice in order to create lasting local and national impact. As an expert in participatory research and digital inclusion, Al holds a number of advisory board positions including Equity for the Older: Beyond Digital Access, INCLUDE+ and Developing a minimum digital living standard for households with children. She is committed to cross sector impact, and improving understanding and collaboration between policymakers, academia, businesses and charities.