The risks and opportunities associated with chatbots using generative AI for children

This Fellowship will involve independent research into the risks and opportunities associated with chatbots using generative AI for children. The aim of the project is to understand children’s use of chatbots which use generative AI via a review of existing research and recent technological developments in this area. The Fellow will also seek to identify … Read more

Criteria for Age-Appropriate Design

Mapping problematic practices and defining criteria for (non) compliance with data protection, online safety and digital service regulation for children 5Rights Foundation has played a key role in defining regulatory standards for children’s privacy and safety in the digital environment. Now, with the passage of the Online Safety Bill (OSB) in the UK and the … Read more

New Narratives

Promoting refugee & asylum seeker civic participation through third sector capability building Refugees and asylum seekers to the UK experience high levels of social and economic exclusion as discrimination. Third sector organisations supporting migrants are typically under-resourced and have limited skills and capability to use digital technologies to further their cause and that of the … Read more

Co-producing and Implementing a ‘place-based’ Coding Club Framework for Underserved Communities

The team behind this study has been working with Bradford Council to prioritise the development of digital skills to enable children and young people across the city to thrive in an increasingly digitalised society. This programme of work is now embedded within the Bradford District Digital Strategy 2022-2027. The current project builds on this vision with … Read more

Youth-led research and development

Digital Youth Work The aim of this project is to enable young people impacted by digital exclusion to develop the digital skills and critical thinking that will empower them to succeed in an increasingly digitalised world. The team will work with two groups of young people to support the development of relevant digital skills projects … Read more

Exploring Cyber Sisterhood with Herstory of Art Museum (MuHER) in Poland

Together with participants, Marta will inspect different ways in which we connect to the ideas of sisterhood, herstory, feminism, etc online. The case study will be HERstory of Art Museum, which is based across a multitude of different social media platforms/ websites and online affiliations. Participants will discuss exactly where this “safe and brave space … Read more


Photograph of participants at a filmmaking workshop with the text 'Project outcome. IN+ Art Holistic Approach: "Truths".'

The workshop facilitated by Thomas Diafas, in collaboration with the University of Leeds and Liminal, conducted in Athens in December 2023, provided insights into the realm of digital exclusion, with a focus on individuals with disabilities. This initiative engaged participants in addressing essential issues related to accessibility, representation, and inclusion within the digital environment and mass media. This IN+ART workshop was informed by our IN+Principle which focuses on a holistic approach to digital equity.

Digital Youth Work Research Hub

The Digital Youth Work Research Network is hosted by the University of Leeds within the INCLUDE+ Network, and represents an initiative aimed at exploring the intersections of equity, inclusion, digital technologies and youth work. Our network seeks to foster an environment of knowledge and practice co-creation between researchers, youth workers, young people, policymakers, tech organisations, … Read more

IN+ ART with Thomas Dafias

As a participant in our IN+ ART ITERATIONS programme, Thomas Diafas organises a two-day workshop focused on exploring digital exclusion alongside a group of individuals with and without disabilities. During this workshop, Thomas will collaborate with an organisation called Liminal based in Athens, Greece. The workshop will take place in Athens on the 16th and … Read more

IN+ ART: “am AI in pain?” workshop

In our IN+ART INTERATIONS workshop with Space 2, we delved into the intricate web of pain, technology, and the potential influence of AI. Our focus? Unravelling the layers of pain co-construction, assessment, and management in the digital age. The workshop was guided by Dr Alicja Pawluczuk (HYSTERA from the INCLUDE+ Network.