IN+ ART with Thomas Dafias

As a participant in our IN+ ART ITERATIONS programme, Thomas Diafas organises a two-day workshop focused on exploring digital exclusion alongside a group of individuals with and without disabilities.

During this workshop, Thomas will collaborate with an organisation called Liminal based in Athens, Greece. The workshop will take place in Athens on the 16th and 17th of December.

Using participatory and inclusive filmmaking practice, the aim is to provide a platform for participants to share their personal experiences of digital exclusion and digital inclusion.

Thomas’s workshop aims to equip individuals with fundamental skills in filmmaking and directing, utilising user-friendly, non-professional cameras.

As part of the IN+ ART programme, Thomas will employ collaborative methods inspired by the concept of play, fostering an environment that encourages alternative approaches to traditional hierarchical structures commonly found in film production teams.

Photo source: Liminal Website

About Liminal. EU

Since 2016, liminal has been promoting inclusion and equal access to arts and culture.

Through its action, the organisation aims to contribute to a richer and more diverse creative industry fostering the equal participation of all individuals in the artistic process. Liminal focuses its activity on three main domains:

Inclusive Education, Accessibility Services and Productions.


About Thomas Diafas

Thomas Diafas (Thessaloniki, 1987) is a Greek-Dominican transdisciplinary artist and educator. His practice revolves around the concept of care in education and the labour market, aiming to combat anxiety and depression.

He has devised a hybrid of performative arts called “Performing the Real,” targeting our contemplation of the differences between real life and art. Recently, he moved to Berlin, where he continues his research on care practices and breathing exercises aimed at healing transgenerational traumas. Simultaneously, he explores the act of “kissing” in public and private spaces through historical works of art, to create a new performance piece of his own.