Welcome to INCLUDE+, a network dedicated to exploring and fostering social and digital environments where everyone can thrive. From 2022 to 2027, this five-year program aims to build a robust knowledge community addressing inequalities in digital society.


Our research and community practice spans algorithmic social justice, responsible and inclusive digital innovation, digital civics, and health. We strive to understand how wellbeing, precarity, and civic culture interplay with broader structural inequalities and how these are experienced and navigated by various communities.


IN+ Fellowship: The risks and opportunities associated with chatbots using generative AI for children

This Fellowship will involve independent research into the risks and opportunities associated with chatbots using generative AI for children. The aim of the project is to understand children’s use of chatbots which use generative AI via a review of existing research and recent technological developments in this area. The Fellow will also seek to identify … Read more

IN+ Fellowship: Criteria for Age-Appropriate Design

Mapping problematic practices and defining criteria for (non) compliance with data protection, online safety and digital service regulation for children 5Rights Foundation has played a key role in defining regulatory standards for children’s privacy and safety in the digital environment. Now, with the passage of the Online Safety Bill (OSB) in the UK and the … Read more

IN+ Project: promoting refugee & asylum seeker civic participation through third sector capability building

We are pleased to announce that INCLUDE+ has funded one of its feasibility studies to address the significant issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. This project is designed to confront the high levels of social and economic exclusion, as well as the discrimination that these groups frequently encounter. Photo: participants of … Read more
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