The INCLUsive Digital Economy Network+ will address the lived and structural inequalities of digital society. Responding to the urgent call of the ‘Beyond Digital’ Parliamentary report, and the EPSRC Digital Economy’s Equitable Digital Society theme, we ask how social and digital environments can and should be built, shaped and sustained in ways that enable all people to thrive.

  • Welcome, INCLUDE+ Research Fellow Alicja Pawluczuk!
    This month we welcome a new Research Fellow to the INCLUDE+ Management Group. Dr Alicja Pawluczuk has over a decade of experience in co-designing, facilitating, and evaluating digital inclusion, digital literacy and ICT-enabled and/or focused education programmes in the UK and internationally. She brings with her experience working on both high-level digital development programmes as well … Read more
  • Living labs: meeting in the gaps
    Exploring the value of living labs as a meeting point for people and organisations, while challenging the idealisation of living labs as a neutral space.
  • Containing the impact of living labs
    Are living labs a useful apparatus for continuing the legacy of the INCLUDE+ network following the project’s conclusion in five years’ time? In this post, my aim is to show how a living lab’s limitations positively define the shape of its impact—if a living lab can be anything, how can you be sure your living lab becomes something?
  • Five lessons for meaningful conversations: learning from co-creation in design
    In this blog post, I’ll share how you can create space for meaningful conversations, learned in the context of co-creation. Lab4Living  is a living lab in Sheffield working alongside communities to develop solutions in design, healthcare and creative practices. I spent some time with Joe Langley, lead Research Fellow, and Ursula Ankeny, Design Researcher and PhD student, at the lab’s space in Sheffield city centre.
  • Learning our ABCDs? Reflections following a brief study of asset-based community development
    Georgia Brennan-Scott is exploring living labs methods and practices. Her research will inform the legacy of the INCLUDE+ network, hopefully culminating in a living lab of our own. Asset-based community development (ABCD) rejects a needs-oriented approach to community development i.e. assessing communities based on what they are lacking and where they are failing. ABCD calls … Read more