IN+ ART iterations

IN+ ART Iterations, an art program led by the INLCUDE+ Network, ventures into the uncharted territory of digital equity and the implications of INCLUDE+ Principles. Our initiative seeks to co-examine what digital equity means for artists and the communities they engage with. Using community-centered approaches, we want to encourage experimental practice, and to embrace the diversity of perspectives and lived experiences. 

The ethos of the program is free from a specific impact agenda.  

The emphasis is not on getting digital equity “right” by conventional standards, but rather on collectively delving into alternative ways of experiencing it. The intention is to generate insights from the lived experiences of individuals, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of digital [in]equity.

We kick off our IN+ ART Interations Programme by inviting selected artists to lend their unique perspectives in interpreting the INCLUDE+ Principles. The thematic focus is on three critical areas: (1) wellbeing; (2) precarity; and (3) civic participation, establishing a contextual framework for the explorative process. 

Six open-ended principles underpin the development and execution of the INCLUDE+ Process. Our principles are to be rigid or exhaustive but serve as guiding lights, ensuring that community-centred projects are designed and implemented with ethics and inclusivity.

The process is fluid, evolving organically to adapt to the dynamic landscape of digital equity. 

As our program unfolds, this space will be enriched with projects, interviews, and case studies. We hope that these will foster critical and realistic reflections on the impact of interventions on the communities involved. 

Over the coming months, we intend to test IN+ ART programme as a semi-formal and systematic exploration of digital equity – all grounded in experimentation, inclusivity, and a commitment to learning from diverse experiences.

More information about the programme will be shared on this page, please contact dr Alicja Pawluczuk if you have any questions (