Workshop: Pathways to Digital Equity: Considering vulnerabilities, available resources and access to opportunities.

4th December

1 pm – 2 pm UK Time



This workshop is dedicated to digital equity and delves into various dimensions, including digital vulnerability, available digital resources, and emerging digital opportunities. In the workshop, I will present a case study focusing on an online course tailored to refugees and migrants in Germany. Through this course, 50 participants were equipped with basic digital skills, enabling them to navigate the German job market online and to find information on qualifications and job requirements.

Building upon this case study, we will identify the diverse sources of digital vulnerability that hinder individuals from active digital participation. Through different scenarios, we will engage in discussions and collaboratively analyze the fundamental aspects of the digital divide. The objective is to pinpoint best practices and ideas that drive us closer to achieving digital inclusion and equity.

This workshop is designed to facilitate meaningful discussions about the complexity of the digital divide, fostering an environment where you are encouraged to share your insights and experiences.

Juliane Stiller is an information scientist and chair of the board of the non-profit organization Grenzenlos Digital e. V. in Berlin, Germany, which wants to promote digital skills in society. She is passionate about digital literacy education and has over 10 years of experience as a researcher in information science at academic institutions. For the past 6 years, she has been designing curricula for digital skills training with the mission of bridging the widening digital skills gap in society and fostering digital inclusion, especially for vulnerable groups. Her research focuses on digital skills and their evaluation, information behaviour, as well as interventions that increase digital resilience in society. She is currently the subproject leader of the DESIVE2 project (Understanding disinformation behaviour), which investigates the underlying mechanisms involved in the digital spread of allegedly scientific health-related disinformation. She also works at her own company You, We & Digital as an advisor and researcher.