Is digital equity a utopian idea? What do we know about the state of digital equity in relation to broader themes of precarity, civic participation, and well-being? What steps can we take collectively to address the problem of digital inequalities?  

Join us for our INCLUDE+ CONNECT event to explore these questions.

The event will take place on the 25th of September in Cambridge, UK. During the day, we will explore digital equity research, including early findings from our network and examples of inclusive practice. 

Our aim is to bring a diverse group of people together to think about practical ways to foster inclusivity in the digital age. You can expect to get to know some expert practitioners, researchers, community members, and advocates whose work explores the multifaceted aspects of digital equity. Based on our recent research findings, we will also be launching the first funding call for INCLUDE+ feasibility studies.   

What will happen during the event?  

Through thought-provoking workshops, talks, and interactive sessions, participants will delve into various dimensions of digital equity research and practice: 

  • Launch of our INCLUDE+ early research findings on digital equity in the context of civic participation, precarity, and well-being  
  • Launch of the first INCLUDE+ funding call  
  • Facilitated discussions 
  • Co-creative workshops & interactive art activities   
  • Information about INCLUDE+ inclusive research practices & the aims of the INCLUDE+ Network  

Who is this event for?  

This event is aimed at anyone interested in the topic of digital equity – community members, advocates, researchers, and practitioners. We value all forms of expertise, both professional and lived, and seek to create a genuinely diverse, collaborative network.

Am I eligible for a funding subsidy to cover my travel expenses?  

INCLUDE+ has a limited budget to cover necessary rail travel and accommodation costs for those attending the event who do not have institutional support to do so (e.g. emerging scholars, doctoral and postdoctoral students, charities, industry, and third sector). Please let us know if you would like us to make arrangements on your behalf.