Is digital equity a utopian idea? What do we know about the state of digital equity in relation to broader themes of precarity, civic participation, and well-being? What steps can we take, collectively, to address the problem of digital inequalities?  

Join us for our INCLUDE+ CONNECT webinar to explore these questions.


The first event in our online programme will take place on 18th October, 2-4pm UK time. We will explore digital equity research, including early findings from our network and examples of inclusive practice. Based on these early findings, we will also be launching our first funding call for INCLUDE+ feasibility studies.

What will happen during the event?  

Through thought-provoking talks, Q&A and live-drawing by guest artist Ursula Cheng, we will explore various dimensions of digital equity research and practice: 

  • Launch of our INCLUDE+ early research findings on digital equity in the context of civic participation, precarity, and well-being  
  • Launch of the first INCLUDE+ funding call
  • Interactive art activities   
  • Information about INCLUDE+ inclusive research practices & the aims of the INCLUDE+ Network
  • Invitation to register for our online workshops, held across a number of dates from October to November, exploring the multifaceted aspects of digital equity.

Who is this event for?  

This webinar is aimed at anyone interested in the topic of digital equity – community members, advocates, researchers, and practitioners. We value all forms of expertise, both professional and lived, and seek to create a genuinely diverse, collaborative network.

What if I’m unable to attend?

A recording of the event will be made available on the INCLUDE+ website following the event. You can also contact our Team if you have any questions about the Network+, ways to get involved or our call for feasibility studies. To stay up to date with our activities, you may wish to subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter/X @IncludeNPlus.

How can I join the webinar?

Just click on the registration link below and complete our short registration form. Once you have submitted this, you will receive a Zoom link and passcode via email, which will enable you sign in and join the event on 18th October at 2pm. It is not necessary to have a Zoom account to take part in the event. Equally, you do not need to download the Zoom app and will instead be able to join from your web browser. If you do not receive an email with these details, please check your spam folder or contact INCLUDE+ Coordinator Rosie Wilkinson:

Our registration form includes space to tell us about any access needs you may have or ways that we can make it easier for you to attend. Please note that the webinar will use auto-generated closed captions and will be recorded and made available on our website, following the event.