IN+ Principle: Responsiveness

Responsiveness is particularly important in the context of INCLUDE+ Processes, where the central topic is digital equity and people’s interactions with digital technologies. Responsiveness implies being receptive, flexible, and prompt in addressing or adapting to various situations. 

INCLUDE+ Process emphasises the importance of our ability to react, interact, or adapt in light of sudden changes. 


  • Flexibility and adaptability of project strategies to meet emerging needs and challenges.
  • Prompt and effective response to feedback and changes in the digital landscape.
  • Continuous engagement with participants and stakeholders to refine project approaches.

Evaluation Questions:

  • How does the project monitor and adapt to emerging changes in digital equity and community needs?
  • What processes are in place for incorporating feedback and making necessary adjustments?
  • How is ongoing dialogue with community members and stakeholders maintained to ensure the project remains relevant and responsive?