Living Labs

We are developing a Living Lab which will inform the INCLUDE+ network over its five year span and create a legacy following the project’s completion.

The Living Lab will be founded upon a set of practices shared with and built upon by our partners and collaborators. The Lab will provide a light governance environment where citizens, industry and academics can come together to co-create, prototype and test equitable ways of meeting the needs of communities.

The Lab will:

  • Listen to affected communities and end users to understand their needs;
  • Prototype services informed by data, as well as community perspectives;
  • Iteratively test processes with end users;
  • Explore methods for hosting simulated environments;
  • Apply solutions in practice for ‘real world’ input.

Our research into living labs will inform our effort to leave a legacy that embodies the mission of INCLUDE+: to offer an equitable platform where all forms of expertise, whether professional or lived, are valued and shared; to seek a diversity of perspectives and facilitate their input; and to tackle inequalities of access.