Co-producing and Implementing a ‘place-based’ Coding Club Framework for Underserved Communities

The team behind this study has been working with Bradford Council to prioritise the development of digital skills to enable children and young people across the city to thrive in an increasingly digitalised society. This programme of work is now embedded within the Bradford District Digital Strategy 2022-2027. The current project builds on this vision with a plan to create a framework for implementing coding clubs. Based on this framework the team will work with places in Bradford where digital exclusion is rife to launch three new coding clubs.

The specific aims are to: (i) work with community centres in Holme Wood, Keighley and Manningham to tailor “CoderDojos” so that they meet the needs of the local community; (ii) enhance digital equity by providing accessible coding education to underserved individuals aged 7 to 17; (iii) foster a diverse and inclusive environment within the coding clubs, targeting engagement from historically underrepresented females and minority ethnic groups.  By embedding these coding clubs within an existing community centre, an after-school club and a madrassa, the team intends to reach a broader demographic than before. These coding clubs will impart technical skills and encourage critical engagement with digital technologies, fostering a sense of civic responsibility. Starting with the Raspberry Pi CoderDojo template, they will work with local communities to adapt each coding club to the specific needs of different areas in Bradford. This process will be documented so that it can be used as a blueprint for wider implementation across Bradford and the UK. The project will be implemented through community workshops and co-producing plans with local stakeholders. An overarching theme for the coding clubs will be preparation for Bradford becoming the UK City of Culture in 2025.


Tim Rogers – Founder & Director of Future Transformation

Itzel Toral – Lead Project Coordinator, Future Transformation

Faisal Mushtaq – Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Chris Brown – Senior Project Manager for the Digital Makers programme, Centre for Applied Education Research