Is digital equity a utopian idea? What do we know about the state of digital equity in relation to broader themes of precarity, civic participation, and well-being? What steps can we take, collectively, to address the problem of digital inequalities? Our INCLUDE+ CONNECT webinar explored these questions and more.

Wellbeing and digital equity

What innovative approaches to increase wellbeing at work have you seen? How might we use digital technologies to improve wellbeing at work? How can we move from a passive approach to job design to a more proactive perspective?

Workshop: ‘Doing’ Digital Inclusion. Participation! Action! Digital stuff!

In this interactive INCLUDE+ workshop, Irene Mackintosh, part of the team of Mhor Collective, will explore how digital inclusion work is at its most meaningful when it’s part of real holistic support. Drawing on her experience of supporting organisations which work directly with people currently using drugs, and people experiencing homelessness, she’ll talk about how, ... Read more


Am AI in Pain?


In our IN+ART INTERATIONS workshop with Space 2, we delved into the intricate web of pain, technology, and the potential influence of AI. The workshop wasl guided by guided by Dr. Alicja Pawluczuk (HYSTERA from the INCLUDE+ Network).

Our focus? Unravelling the layers of pain co-construction, assessment, and management in the digital age.

Pathways to Digital Equity

Considering vulnerabilities, available resources and access to opportunities: This workshop is dedicated to digital equity and delves into various dimensions, including digital vulnerability, available digital resources, and emerging digital opportunities. Recording Available


IN ART+ ITERATIONS with Tomas Diafas

As a participant in our IN+ ART ITERATIONS programme, Thomas Diafas organises a two-day workshop focused on exploring digital exclusion alongside a group of individuals with and without disabilities.

Digital Rituals for Collective Climate Grief

As part of our Art Iterations workshop series, artist Allison Rich will partner with the community in Miami to increase equity to process climate grief and to access rituals for regional collective care. The Climate Rituals space will use the topics of sustainability and digital equity as critical lenses to learn about collective care practices for climate grief.