Fellowship Programme 

INCLUDE+ is funding an ambitious, international fellowship programme throughout the life of the project (2022-27). This is a flexible co-designed programme between a host organisation, the visiting ‘fellow’ and our Fellowship Lead within INCLUDE+.  

How long is a fellowship? 

The Fellowships can last up to 3 months, but we recognise that the nature and duration of fellowships will depend on the projects undertaken.  

Where can the fellowship be based? 

Fellowships might have periods of intense in-person activities, and longer periods of remote collaborations. They might need to be wholly remote or in-person. 

How much support will I receive? 

Each fellowship will receive up to £25,000, which will include all costs. Costs that can be included are: 

  • Travel 
  • Subsistence 
  • Accommodation 
  • Costs for covering absence 
  • Hosting costs  

Additional funds for caring responsibilities can be applied for. 

Who can apply? 

Anyone can apply but we are very keen to support cross-sector fellowships between the third sector, public sector and industry, and internationally. We can fund non-UK organisations, and this is available for all sectors. 

How do I apply? 

We have a template to fill in to design the Fellowship.  

Support for Application: 

We have additional funds of up to £2000 to help develop the fellowships.

Who to Contact: 

Ysabel Gerrard: y.gerrard@sheffield.ac.uk 

Rosie Wilkinson: r.h.wilkinson@leeds.ac.uk 

Helen Thornham: h.thornham@leeds.ac.uk 

Research Programme 

Between 2022-2027, INCLUDE+ will be funding research projects up to £50k. Between 2023-2026 we will fund 3x £50k projects as well as smaller projects of between £5-25k.  

All of these projects will focus on issues of digital inequality and inclusion. To make sure you are kept informed when the calls are issued, email Rosie Wilkinson to be added to our contacts list.